It is time for Term 3 ~ Take a look at all of the great courses available!

please note: Crochet class first day Term 3 now with Wed morn option depending on demand (Childcare avail)

PUBLIC FORUM is "ELDER ABUSE-Film: ‘Ghost Train’"
Tuesday 21st July at 7pm (date not printed on program)

if you are studying (Govt. recognized course)
ANYwhere if you need childcare to attend or study
we can offer CHILDCARE for FREE Wednesdays & Friday mornings!!!

AGM 8th September 7pm, be part of a community driven, community space

Selby Community House is the welcoming heart of our hills community.



Selby House Playgroup

Come and get involved…

Get fit, LEARN THE GUITAR, Return to Study’ TO ‘Get Fit & Healthy, embrace art , update your study or work skills! Learn Local in a Short Course; join a Health and Well-Being class; book your child into Occasional Care, Hire the House for a function or a celebration, and find out what’s happening in and around Selby.  All sorts of things to do and ways to be involved:

Selby House Clothes Swap

Selby House Art classes

Find out what’s on…

Download the Term 1 Program of classes and activities.

To enrol, book or find out more call us on 9754 2039 or send an email:

Selby House Post Box

Who to talk to

Tel: 9754-2039

Fax: 9754-8822