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Courses at Selby HousePublic Forum - See what's on next!

Each Term our House Program presents the very popular, informative and always engaging Public Forums.  With knowledgeable speakers presenting topics that cover a wide range of public interest issues, guaranteed to get you thinking, talking and doing. A Light supper is provided and entry is by gold coin donation. Dates and details can be found in our term brochures.

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A lawyer from the Australian Earth Laws Alliance will present the emerging theory of law called Earth jurisprudence, which stresses human interconnectedness and dependence with the natural world. This surely should be the foundation of our legal system and should replace our current human-centered system which treats the environment as a resource belonging to humans. Gold coin donation. Light supper provided.
Tuesday 30th August at 7.00pm
All warmly welcome.




Here’s a sample of topics covered in Past Public Forums

What we’ve learned about living well in a complex world. How do some of us flourish, in spite of and even because of, levels of adversity that break others?  Is resilience genetic or is it learned?  How does resilience happen in organizations and communities? 

Stephen Cannon, civil engineer and water industry activist, discussed the promises to recycle and conserve water have been dumped in favour of, principally, an environmentally-destructive desalination plant. All should be aware of where +$20 billion of your taxes have been squandered, and why!

“With every dollar you spend you have an impact on the planet and its people” ...so runs the intro to Nick Ray’s invaluable booklet ’The Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping’

A Forum that guided us through practical means of applying environmental, humane, social and other values to our spending habits, illustrating the strategy as it applies to Food, Body care and Household cleaners.

The evening was presented by public transport campaigners Samantha Dunn and Davey Heller. Asking: ‘If you are dissatisfied with Melbourne’s public  transport and want to reduce your carbon footprint and petrol expenses, this forum was one not to be missed.

How can we motivate our community to change their behaviour? Explore the topic from the perspective of the psychology of behaviour change and the six core principles of persuasion. Whether environmental, social, political or other change.

Overwhelmed by the enormity of our environmental impact? Andrew Cooper, author of the sustainability classic - “The Little Things” shared his invaluable tips on how to leave a lighter footprint.